Basic HTML

Basic blank page
Meta Codes
Horizontal Lines
Time - Digital Clock
Time / Date - Clock Face
Countdown Clock / Timer


Copy and paste the lines between <head> and </head> mark-ups of the page, then change the the text shown in red in the sample below.

The style code shown below sets up the default font colors and properties for the most commonly used mark-ups. 

BODY {font: 12pt "Arial"; color: blue
H1 {font: 18pt "Arial"; color: blue
H2 {font: 16pt "Arial"; color: red
H3 {font: 12pt "Arial"; color: green
H4 {font: 10pt "Arial"; color: blue
P {font: 12pt "Arial"; color: blue
B {color: blue
A {font: 12pt/ 14pt "Arial"} 
INPUT {font: 12pt "Arial"} 
TEXTAREA {font: 12pt "Arial"}
TH {font: 14pt "Arial"; color: blue
TD {font: 12pt "Arial"; color: black; width: 150

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