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Meta Codes

These are special entries that are inserted within the <head>  </head> mark-ups of the html file.

They are typically used to provide information or control page display. They are not visible to visitors.

The most common of these are used to provide information for search engines, or to automatically refresh the information on the page.

The meta codes that are used to identify your web site are shown below:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html">
This informs the browser that the page is made up of html in text format.

<meta name="Description" content="This is a sample web site">
Describes the page contents.

<meta name="Keywords" content="software, html script samples">
Provides keywords that can be used to search for your web page.

To automatically refresh a page see the refresh page.

You can submit your code fragments to us for publication using the feedback page.

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