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Copy and paste the script segments between <body> and </body> mark-ups, then change the text in red to meet your needs. 

Text shown in dark green is the text you want to scroll in the marquee.

All instructions must be enclosed within the first <Marquee.........> mark-up, and terminate with the end </Marguee>  mark-up.

The text that is to be displayed must be placed between the start and end mark-up as shown in green below.

<marguee  direction="UP"  behaviour="SCROLL"  scrollamount="1"   scrolldelay="100   width="150"   height="60"   bgcolor="#000000"> <font   color="#0000AA"   face="arial"  size="7"> Text to Display </font> </marguee>

  • Direction= UP, LEFT, RIGHT or DOWN.
  • Scrollamount= 1 or more pixels to scroll each time.
  • ScrollDelay= Speed of scrolling in 1/1000th of a second. i.e. 1000 = 1 second.
  • Width= and Height= are the size of the marquee box in pixels.
  • Size= is the size of the font to be used.
  • Face= the name of the font to use.
  • BGColor= the background color in Red Green Blue (RGB) hexidecimal value (e.g. FF=255, FFFFFF=White, 000000=Black).
  • Color= the text color in Red Green Blue (RGB) hexidecimal value.

Sample marquee previews are shown below.

Text to Display

Text to Display

You can submit your code fragments to us for publication using the feedback page.

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