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Copy and paste the script segment between <body> and </body> mark-ups, then change the text in red to meet your needs.

<IMG BORDER=" 0 " SRC=" Mountains.jpg " WIDTH="100 " HEIGHT="100 ">

Use <A HREF="Large-Image.jpg"><IMG SRC="Small-Image.jpg"></A>  to open another image or file when the small-image is clicked.

  • Border= is the width of the border in pixels, use zero "0" for no border.
  • The SRC= must include the full name and location of the image that is to be displayed.
  • Width= when width is used the image size is stretched or shrunk to to that size.
  • Height= when height is used the image size is stretched or shrunk to to that size.

When using the width or height properties you can keep the proportions the same by only using one of them, rather than both.

Both sample images have links to the same image which is displayed in its own page.

The top image has the link border around it and has the width=100 and height=100.

The image below is shown with the border turned off, and no size restrictions.

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