Basic HTML

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Copy and paste the script segment below between <body> and </body> mark-ups, then change the text shown in red to meet your needs. 

Text shown in dark green is the text that you want the user to read.

The mark-up starts with a <a .......> tag and ends with a </a> tag.  You can insert Images, Objects and Text within the link mark-ups.

<A HREF="">View Image</A>

<A HREF="large-image.jpg"><IMG SRC="small-image.jpg"></A>

  • href= is the full name and path URL to the file that is to be opened when the link is clicked.

When insert images in these links a border often appears around the image. To remove the border insert border="0" inside the IMG tag.

When linking to an Email address, insert mailto: in front of the email address as shown below.

<A HREF=""> Email me</A>

For links to other web sites insert the full web address. i.e. ""

You can submit your code fragments to us for publication using the feedback page.

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